Frequently Asked Questions

What is a typical session like?

We'll start by checking in and seeing where you're at for the day - whether you'd like a soothing, relaxing practice, or an energetic practice! From there, we'll review our yogic philosophy for the day, move into our asana (physical) practice, and finish with pranayama (breathing exercises) and a guided meditation.

What's the difference between private sessions and yoga classes?

Both one-on-one sessions and group classes offer distinct benefits. With group classes, you're part of a community of people all working together on your practice. Private sessions allow you to do your practice from the comfort of your own home, with a personalized routine and support from your yoga instructor. Honestly, I recommend doing both if you can!

What do I need to do yoga?

You'll need:

  • a yoga mat (no need to buy anything fancy. I recommend checking out Amazon, Fred Meyer, or Target). My favorite yoga supplies (clothing and accessories) are from prAna.

  • water

  • a computer with a webcam so you can see me and I can see you!

  • willingness to try something new!


  •  blocks

  •  strap

What if I'm not flexible?

Despite what you might see on Instagram, yoga is more of a lifestyle, and less about achieving a certain shape with the body. Most of my clients find that they naturally become more flexible, develop muscles, better balance, and improved circulation - not to mention feeling generally more at peace.  No need to start out with any of that - it will come naturally!

Will I get a workout from yoga or is it mainly stretching?

Yoga is a combination of stretching, movement, static poses, and stillness. Most people feel relaxed, energized, and a little sore after a session. If you'd like a challenge or want to work on targeting strength in specific areas of the body - I've got a routine for that!

I have dogs/cats/birds/snakes, is that ok?

I love pets! I am happy to have your furry family member around during our sessions, as long as they don't become too disruptive to our time together. My cats are likely to join in on my side as well!

What's the meaning behind "Inner Guidance"?

I believe that we can find the right path, tap into contentment, and experience peace simply by tuning in to our inner guidance. We all have it - if you've ever had a "gut feeling", you were listening to your inner guidance. Sometimes, our inner guidance system gets obscured by anxious thoughts, past patterns that no longer serve us, pain in our body, or voices from our past that makes it hard to hear. I aim to help you clear these blocks and lift you up so you can continue to shine brightly on your journey!

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