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Earth Day 2020 - Supporting Sustainability Now & In The Future

Big Basin Redwoods, CA - October 2018

Hi friends,

Happy Earth Day! I love to spend time in nature, breathing in all that Mother Earth has to offer. I'm an avid tree-hugger, as you can see above! Protecting our natural lands, animal welfare, and living an eco-friendly lifestyle are all causes that are close to my heart. I stood with water protectors at Standing Rock to protest the (ultimately and unfortunately faulty) pipeline and that experience changed my life. Since then, I’ve been looking for more ways I can make a difference. It’s partially what inspired me to create a service-oriented business and has definitely informed my buying decisions and charitable donations over the past four years.

Standing Rock, ND, US - December 2017

That being said, I’m very excited to make a permanent change to my business structure. Starting at the end of this month, and all months going forward, I will be donating 5% of all packages purchased to an organization that supports a sustainable and healthy environment for all. This month, I’ve chosen Wildlife Conservation Society, who has been doing research, education, and conservation work for 125 years! I hope you’ll join me in this venture by considering an additional donation of your own, or inviting friends to work with me. I truly believe that if we all do something, no matter how small, we can collectively have a tremendous impact on supporting clean water, fresh air, and protected wildlife spaces.

Vancouver Island, BC - May 2019

Looking for more ways to support the environment?

Mother Jones put together an informative list on organizations doing good work for the environment – and organizations that just sound good but are actually a front for shady business. Check out their list before you make your giving choices, or if you already have a cause in mind, head over to Charity Navigator to see how they rank.

Just like how a blizzard is made up of many individual snowflakes, making little changes in your life can really add up. Consider saying “no thanks” to single-use plastics as often as possible – buy reusable straws, check the “skip the plasticware” box when ordering from GrubHub, and really take a look at what is recyclable and what isn’t in your area. You might be surprised at the things that can be recycled that you’ve just been tossing in the trash.

Remember when we were all using microbeads in our beauty products to exfoliate, but later found out that they were causing so much havoc in the oceans that they had to be outlawed? Yuck! Well, I’m sorry to say, but any clothing made up of acrylic, nylon, or polyester are similarly releasing nasty microplastics into our waterways – and before you keep scrolling and are convinced I just have my tinfoil hat on for this one – please consider this Vox article. If you’re in the “okay, I’m informed but what do I do?” camp, I have good(ish) news for you – there are more and more ethical and sustainable clothing companies popping up and you can buy a filter that helps. My favorite sustainable clothing company is prAna. While their price point certainly isn’t “budget”, it’s not outright unaffordable. I have been buying prAna for about three years now and can confidently say that their products are well-made and last. The only prAna clothing I’ve donated are things that just don’t resonate with my style any longer. The rest, I’ve kept and use frequently, even over many washes!

There are lots of ways to support a healthy environment, more than I can just list in a blog post – which is truly, wonderful. Think about one small change you can make today, and in the future, support businesses (especially small businesses) that give a portion of their proceeds back (even if it’s to a cause other than environmentalism!) so you can feel good about what you’re getting, and support what matters most.



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